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Hotsticks & Accessories


This course is designed to promote efficiency and safety in the field of live line maintenance. Basic procedures and applications for typical structures and the most desirable and principal methods of using the Hotstick Maintenance techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.

This course is designed for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 students. The students should be dedicated to this training for a minimum of 10 hours.

The customer must provide a classroom with computer compatible projector, white board or flip chart, tools and accessories, and structures to be worked.

Note: Voltages and tasks for hands on and applications may vary based on the request of the customer.

What we do:

Bannerman Training & Consulting, LLC will provide 69/115/230 kV Hotsticks and Accessories training for Customer. Training will consist of the proper tools, accessories, and application of hotsticks and accessories on the following types of structures:

Tangent Structures

  1. H Frame Structures
  2. Single Pole Delta Structures
  3. Single Pole Phase-Over Phase

Suspension Angle Structures

  1. Single Pole Structures
  2. Phase-Over Phase Structures

Dead-End Structures

  1. Single Pole Structures
  2. Phase-Over Phase Structures

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