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40 Years experience stands ready to train and Assess for safety

Joey Bannerman’s career began with 16 enriching years in the field, where he honed his skills as a transmission lineman and substation electrician. 

He brings over 40 years of experience in Transmission Maintenance and Construction to his role at Bannerman Training and Consulting.

His career began in the field, where he dedicated 16 years as a transmission lineman and substation electrician.

Joey then pursued an education major at UNC-Wilmington, which laid the foundation for his future in educational roles within the industry.

Creating SPecialized Training for the ELectrical industry

In 1998, Joey attained Nuclear Instructor Certification, demonstrating his mastery of the Systematic Approach to Training and the ADDIE process. That same year, he played a pivotal role in a team responsible for establishing training programs for line, substation, and relay craft personnel.

This led to the creation of a specialized training unit, where Joey and his team conducted job analyses across different crafts to identify necessary areas for formal training.

They then designed and developed courses specifically tailored to these needs. Following the course development, Joey oversaw the implementation phase, delivering the training and evaluating its effectiveness.

His curriculum has received accreditation from the North Carolina Department of Labor, the United States Department of Labor, and the Veterans Administration, ensuring that the training provided meets the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Since 2002, Joey Bannerman has been extending his comprehensive expertise to various electric utilities and contractors throughout the United States, spearheading expansion into a wide range of specialized services.

This period has been marked by a significant focus on developing and delivering training programs tailored to the complex needs of the electrical industry, encompassing areas such as live line maintenance, rigging, and safety procedures.

He has not only provided expert training but also expanded into conducting thorough safety assessments and audits. These services are designed to identify potential risks, refine safety protocols, and enhance employee training frameworks, thus fostering a culture of continuous improvement in workplace electrical safety.

The consultancy’s approach combines Joey’s deep-rooted industry experience with the latest in safety practices and technology, ensuring that client operations meet and surpass regulatory standards for electrical safety.

Moreover, the curriculum Joey developed has been continually updated and accredited by notable bodies, affirming the consultancy’s commitment to quality and compliance in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

This proactive engagement in safety and training has positioned Bannerman Training and Consulting as a pivotal resource for companies aiming to elevate their standards in nuclear and electrical safety and operational efficiency. 

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